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Free Electoral Roll Search

Find People on the UK Electoral roll - Free search electoral roll registers to find a person and address from the UK electoral roll and locate a current telephone number.

192.com provide an initial free search for a person and address or indeed business.

On 192.com you can perform a full background search upon an identified person at a known address. Try it for free.

2014 Free Find People - Find People In UK

Electoral roll registers from 1980 to current year are searchable for free down to postcode level on Free Find People

Our Electoral roll search databases are enhanced with over 21 million current year consented data records making a total 45 million current year searchable databases of people and addresses. Search the largest telephone database of personal mobile and land line telephone records.

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5 days for £9.98
28 days for £14.99
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Reverse Telephone Search • Find A Person From A Number

Reverse searching is a really useful tool in tracing a person to an address and is often used by tracing agents to locate a persons address. If you know a telephone number whether a UK land line or mobile then use our reverse search tool to identify any user recorded within our telephone databases.

If you are looking to trace contact information for people and addresses we offer a number of investigative tools. We hold over 115 million UK telephone records and over 50 million UK email addresses.

Options available with global credits...

  1. Reverse search over 30 million UK mobile telephone numbers
  2. Reverse search over 85million UK land line telephone numbers
  3. Search over 17 million current UK ex directory phone numbers
  4. Search over 30 million personal mobile phone numbers
  5. Search over 50 million personal email addresses

Find People On Or Off Electoral Roll Today

How to find people quickly and accurately within the United Kingdom? Our nationwide people finding services work towards identifying a person’s address with a landline telephone number or Mobile telephone number or even an email address. One year’s access to our electoral registers for people and address costs only £29.99

The easiest and quickest way to trace a person is to search the UK electoral roll or hire a professional tracing agency to conduct the investigation using both public and none public records. We provide a confidential bespoke people finding tracing service to both general public and the private investigation industry.

We are proud to offer a free electoral roll search to street level for a person within England, Wales, Isle Of Man, Northern Ireland, Scotland (Including Islands) Guernsey and Jersey. We also provide a free current and historic telephone number search.

Free UK Wide Search For Person
1980 to 2014 Electoral Roll & Consented Data

Person 1
First Name
Last Name
Person 2
First Name
Last Name
Town  List of Towns Please remember to try different
spellings for names that are returned
negative, not many people are born Steve or Cas!

Include first and last name plus region or postcode
to be offered a free telephone search.
Or Region
Full Postcode if used
Country England, Scotland,
Wales & Channel Islands

Our website site is designed with a clear aim of helping you to find people in the UK and their address quickly and accurately within a reasonable budget.

You will be provided with paid options but the basic free find people search tool to postcode level will always be 100% free. Once you have identified the correct person or address using the free electoral register search you can either purchase a 28 day electoral roll pass for an unbelievable £14.99 or you can telephone our instant people tracing telephone help line to obtain full results. The one week electoral roll pass will provide you with 7 days unlimited electoral roll searches for either a person or address. No other online people search company offers 28 day access to our UK voters roll records 1980-2014 for only £14.99

Phone Book

To search for data not included in the UK electoral roll you will first need to purchase Global Search Credits.

We provide a range of data sets to help you to trace a person or confirm residency or obtain contact telephone or email data.

35 Global Search Credits for
£9.98 inc VAT

35 BT Searches
7 Death Searches 1980-2014
7 Insolvency Searches
2 Email Searches
1 Ex-Directory Searches
1 Mobile Number Searches
1 Reverse Telephone Searches
...or combinations of the above.

150 Global Search Credits for
£14.99 inc VAT

150 BT Searches
30 Death Searches 1980-2014
30 Insolvency Searches
10 Email Searches
7 Ex-Directory Searches
7 Mobile Number Searches
6 Reverse Telephone Searches
...or combinations of the above.

Unlike other electoral roll people search sites we provide the opportunity to obtain premium data on a pay as you go basis.


Search UK Voters Roll and other consented people finding databases to trace any long lost friends or missing family members. Please remember our people finding databases, unlike most others, covers England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland & Channel Islands. If you need help tracing a person or telephone number then we are available to help you via telephone tracing service.

Instant People Tracing Line 0913 595 0000
Calls charged at £1.53 per minute from a BT landline.
Other networks may vary and calls from mobiles will cost more.
You must be over 18 and have the bill payer’s permission to call.
Service provider: www.digitalselect-uk.com
Open from 10:00 to 20:00 UK Time

LIVE SEARCH LIST • Supplied by iTrace UK

At 18:59:41
Someone Searched For
First Name:BRIAN
Last Name:GANDER
And Found 2 Records

At 18:59:38
Someone Searched For
And Found 136 Records

At 18:59:02
Someone Searched For
First Name:RONALD
And Found 2 Records

At 18:58:19
Someone Searched For
And Found 120 Records

At 18:57:53
Someone Searched For
First Name:BRIAN
Middle Name:M
And Found 2 Records

At 18:57:48
Someone Searched For
And Found 44 Records

At 18:57:35
Someone Searched For
First Name:FREDA
And Found 1 Records

At 18:57:05
Someone Searched For
And Found 15 Records

At 18:56:22
Someone Searched For
And Found 172 Records

At 18:55:36
Someone Searched For
First Name:EIRIAN
And Found 0 Records

At 18:55:31
Someone Searched For
And Found 110 Records

At 18:55:24
Someone Searched For
First Name:LYDIA
Last Name:NOOR
And Found 1 Records

At 18:55:03
Someone Searched For
And Found 14 Records

At 18:54:34
Someone Searched For
First Name:STUART
Last Name:FARREN
And Found 23 Records

At 18:54:13
Someone Searched For
And Found 19 Records

At 18:54:00
Someone Searched For
First Name:STUART
Last Name:DAISH
With First Name:KAREN
With Last Name:DAISH
And Found 0 Records

At 18:53:50
Someone Searched For
First Name:MARIA
And Found 1 Records

At 18:53:27
Someone Searched For
First Name:KHALIDA
Last Name:PATEL
And Found 1 Records

At 18:53:20
Someone Searched For
And Found 10 Records

At 18:53:01
Someone Searched For
First Name:JACK
Last Name:SALTER
And Found 1 Records

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